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September 19, 2011


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What a great tribute! My grandmother did the same kind of work. I don't think many women in the US do this anymore. Sad!

Timm, there has been a resurgence of women learning to knit and crochet, but not many who decorate tea towels or make doilies or lace edgings, to my knowledge! It is also kind of a fad to "upcycle" or recycle handmade lace, trim, embroidery etc. by adding it to clothing, purses and other items. I think it is great to rescue and re-purpose some things although certain items should stay as they are. Thanks for coming by my blog, I do appreciate it.

I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

What a lovely tribute to your mother Andrea. She must have been a very patient woman to have done such detailed work. Beautiful.

Thanks for the comment, Elise! Yes, Mom was very patient in her creativity. I hope more of it rubs off on me in the years ahead. :)

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