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Hello Andrea,

I don't recall what computer search first led me to you but I'm wondering if it might be a G_d thing moved by the Spirit. I deeply find a connection with your soul journey of integration. It strikes me much the way the Pauline technique of seeking truth within a culture then finding the purest form as Christ is uplifted. I too am an ordained minister with a previous interest in Astrology (kept quiet from many circles) as well as Enneagrams. The fondness of stars was shared with my G_dmother who was also a friend of my aunt, a life long member of the UMC. Imagine my surprise when I read further to see your affiliation in Walnut Creek where she spent quite a few years beginning in the 80s.

In my training for ministry, we were all introduced to MBTI in which I found considerable appeal having already studied personality for years-something I still enjoy. Too, my greatest joy in the service of the LORD is one on one developing the faith in spiritual formation. Anamchara and the understanding of the soul and Spiritual Direction strike me as the next focal point in my life as I seek to prepare for my next work in FT ministry. I'm currently a bivocational minister again after being displaced by a flood in '01.

BTW, It's altogether possible you may know my aunt. Her name is Linda Comperatore. That would be amazing if it turns out you're acquainted. I'd be interested in being in touch to discuss integrative issues in ministry to maintain a balanced life. Although I was raised Catholic, trained American Baptist & ordained nondenominational, I never overlook the possibility of finding the grace within the larger Body of Christ by other branches within the faith.

Take Care & Be Blessed!!!

~Soul Friend

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