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Stephen S

Hello Andrea, I am a 16 year old boy and I am familiar with the enneagram and I identify with the type 1 wing 9 enneatype. However today I was discussing astrological signs with a friend and I found her description of herself based on her starsign (cancer) but when I read up on mine (Leo) I did not really think that I matched the description too well. Then I started to think about how the enneagram and astrology could be related so I googled it and it brought me here:) so I was just wondering, what has the greater effect on our dominant 'type' or perceived starsign, if you could answer this question for me I would be very grateful:) thank you


Hello and welcome Marcus. That's a great question!

It's true that Enneagram Two type personality is warm, giving and tender. They are the great Care Givers of the Enneagram, typical of the strength and symbolism of the Moon. The trouble comes for a Two when it comes to giving care and nurturing to Self. Type Two feels shame over having needs. This is their Ego pride. Saturn symbolizes a deprived inner child in type Two who finds it difficult to receive. Healing comes when a Two is able to give AND receive love, following the virtue of Humility. Incidentally Saturn in hard aspect to Moon is also very typical for type Eight. Notice 2 and 8 are connected on the Enneagram through directions of integration/disintegration.
Thanks again for your great question which gets at the heart of it!


Andrea, would you please share your thoughts about Moon-Saturn being likely to indicate a type 2? It's difficult for me to find connection between the colder, more detached attitude in relation to one's own emotional nature and a 2's warm, giving, tender and generous attitude.

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