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I am a 5. I have never experienced so much stress in my personal relationships with people as I have in the past two days. I know the retrograde has not begun yet, but perhaps because it is nearing, my issues have begun to grow more complex. As a result of personal issues and stress, today I withdrew myself from friends, family, and my boyfriend. I even have been forgetting simple things like MY TELEPHONE NUMBER! and my social security number, which I have never forgotten. On a side note, not only my metaphysical world is in turmoil, but my direct physical world is as well: my vehicle stopped working, and my body had an allergic reaction two days ago.
I am usually a very positive person and things like this rarely happen to me all at once. Moreover, I rarely feel so overwhelmed that my personal relationships become stressful and complicated.
I am a 5... perhaps Mercury has it in for me!!!

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