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October 11, 2005


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Wow! Such a beautiful market - I wish we had something that big near us. It looks like such fun!

Hi Joe
Yes, it is a real blessing to have a good market so near. It seems so strange though, knowing that this large city is in the heart of what is (or should be) prime farm land. The small family owned produce farm I used to stop by on the way home from my job has been sold to make way for more apartments and houses. It doesn't seem right. In your area I suppose there would be no farms except they pipe in the water to support the population. Anyway I like to buy local and we hope to grow some of our own veggies next year. :)

Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! The colours jump right out, so vibrant. Thanks for doing the balancing act!

I used to live close to Sacremento, over in Roseville. It's been about 20 years, so I doubt I'd recognise anything!

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