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November 09, 2005


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What the heck are those attachments for? One of them looks like it might be an upside down juicer. But the others?

Love the comix. Love the way they are displayed here. How do you make them?

I love the comics and really like the way they are in this post, with all the panels in a row.

Awesome. I like how your mind works. :-)

Hi friends and visitors--thanks for your comments!

I think the attachments are related to juicing also. (shrug). I've never used them. :)

The comics were made with a new Mac program called Comic Life. It integrates with iPhoto very nicely, is very easy to use with an intuitive interface, and is dangerously fun to play with!

Maybe I'll convert the first two comics in this series to the current format....if I get some "extra" time!

Great Job Andrea!

You are having way to much fun.

This is great. Love the concept. It reminds me of the Tom Robbins novel "Skinny Legs And All", where a can of beans and other inanimate objects are real characters. Let's get some more characters! Let's 'mix' it up!

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