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December 05, 2005


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Hi Andrea - what a great idea! I love stevia. I have some around that is packaged I think in some corn starch. It's a white powder. Other stevia I've bought through the years is a fine green powder. Which is the kind that you used?

Hey I bet one of Salvation army, Weave, or Goodwill on Fair Oaks would have an old fashioned meat grinder. People don't use them anymore and give them away. Silly, because they are so useful in the kitchen for making recipes like this one, or roast beef hash.

Hi Elise;
The Stevia I am using is a brand called Body Ecology, and it is the white powder. I have also used their clear liquid, mostly in beverages. I have heard that different brands have different taste properties, so it might be worth trying a few to find your favorite.
I am still looking for my grinder but if I can't find it, I will probably find one at the places you mention. Jim and I have a favorite date on weekends: we go trolling through thrift and antique shops. The other day I found a mint condition Calphalon 3 quart saute pan with glass lid for fourteen dollars, that retails for about $140 new. :) I have since used it several times and it's a great pan.
Thanks for dropping by the blog--see you soon!

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