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February 13, 2006


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Kudos to you, Andrea! We all probably should push our limits a little more. Thanks for the nudge.

Hi Andrea,

I love the picture of the fish heads and the wine bottle! I'll have to find that wine to go with my fish:)

Striped bass was an excellent substitution for this recipe. I applaud your sense of adventure! I know it must have seemed like a risky thing to do, but I promise it gets easier each time. If you've never had the skin from striped bass, it's definitely worth a try (expecially when the fish was crisped under the broiler).

By the way, do you have a gas or electric oven. The reason I am asking is that electric broilers are not very good at browning stuff. One thing that might help with browning fennel and oranges is slicing fennel really finely (1/8" thick or so) and getting rid of the membranes on the oranges. This will leave only the good tasting part of the orange and let the sugars of the released orange juice help with caramelization. I don't do a good job explaining that in the recipe at all. It's always so helpful when people give me feedback on the recipes. I'll take some pictures of how to section an orange tonight and will post them soon.

It's a bit of a fussy technique, but makes a huge difference in the taste.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Fennel and orange seems a highly unusual but very intriguing flavor combination to me. Sounds very good!

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