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March 16, 2006


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I made that cake last year! You're right, it's a lovely little treat.

Hi, I just found your blog while surfing for Stevia cake recipes. This looks like a good one! Does it the cake taste different from the one made with sugar?

Could you tell me exactly how much Stevia was used in the suger free french yogurt cake? You state that one has to make sure it is a form of Stevia that measures equivalently for sugar. Since the recipe uses 1 cup of sugar does this mean I must use 1 cup of the Stevia from Trader Joe's. Also, what is the exact brand name of Stevia from Trader Joe's. You state it is mixed with Lactose, a milk sugar. Does this mean it is milk sugar sweetened with Stevia?

Hi Judy
I measured the Stevia like sugar, although I may have used a little less. I believe the brand was called "Sweet N Natural Powder Super Stevia Extract." (It may currently be replaced by the "Trader Darwin" brand at Trader Joe's. ) The container says the ingredients are "pure Stevia Leaf Extract (Stevia Reboudiana)." Then it says "Other ingredients: Lactose (milk sugar)." "It says that one third level teaspoon tastes like one level teaspoon sugar." But it is hard to bake when reducing the quantity by an entire third. The consistency is not ideal but it works for me.
Funny you should ask about this as at this very moment I have the original (with sugar) French yogurt cake in the oven!

Nice additions with the persimion jam. I would double the rum and vanilla extract too the taste might get 'lost' in the cake. The stacked cake I know is delicious (I have made it with orange marmalade) but for presentation you might want to cut the original cake in half and then stack it together.

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