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April 18, 2006


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I like my eggs "disguised", so I LOVE frittatas! Yours looks delicious.

Thanks Amy! I love eggs just about any way they can be prepared. Glad you enjoy this concoction too.

This seems like a simple delicious recipe. I love it...

I am not much of a cook an I always wondered how to finish cooking something like this without having to flip it over and ending up with scambled eggs. Thanks for the tip.

Do you have an idea which skillet is better to use? A cast iron on teflon?

Hi Becky

I use a Teflon pan for the frittata, because it slides easily out of the pan on to a cutting board, where I then slice it into servings like a pizza. First, I loosen the sides with the spatula and it comes out pretty easily. You could cook it in cast iron but I would be concerned about it sticking. On the other hand cast iron will stand up to the heat of the broiler pretty well when you finish off cooking the top. I have not tried it in cast iron, as I do not YET own a cast iron pan. (It's on the list). Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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