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August 24, 2006


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Video seems to work fine. How do you do it? That's really cool.

Hi Harry
This time I signed up for a (free) YouTube account, then uploaded my movie to their site. YouTube will automatically provide you with a code that will allow you to embed the content (the video) into a blog. It streams from YouTube into my blog when someone clciks the play button. All I did was select and copy the code from the YouTube site, and copied it to a text file on my computer. Then I created my new post in Typepad, and simply pasted the code into the post. I was a little nervous but once I saved and published the post, voila, the movie was there! (whew!) Previously I had it on my Apple web space (iDisk, iWeb) but I feel their blog app is still too limited. Email me at andreayaya at Mac dot com if you need more info. (I have removed the auto link to my email due to spam problems. Now that I know it works maybe I'll do more food themed video. :) Thanks for commenting.

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