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September 28, 2006


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I like the picture of the cucumbers in the jar, very nice. I've just started getting into making jams and preserves, my next project is grape jelly with grapes from the garden.

I've been making my own "refridgerator pickles" for a few years now. Your recipe is interesting with the tumeric and other spices. Mine - http://www.projectfoodie.com/blog/from-the-garden/so-how-many-cucumbers-can-you-stuff-into-a-zucchini.html are much more basic sweet and dill pickles but still much more interesting that store bought.

I'll have to try yours out next year...

Just harvested the last of my lemon cukes a few days ago in order to plant the winter garden. We ended up with over 25 pounds of cukumbers, so we have been looking for things to do with them so that they don't all go bad! I just made the recipe and it looks and smells great. Thanks.

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