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October 11, 2006


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Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the link to this book. I haven't heard of it before, and would love to read it. About parasites in sushi -- as long as the restaurant you are eating at complies with the HACCP guidelines that FDA puts out, it's impossible for you to get infected with parasites through sushi. All fish intended for raw consumption in US has to be previously frozen. Even if it had parasites, freezing will kill them. Of course, a restaurant might break this rule, but they might also not wash their hands well enough after handling raw chicken and before mixing a salad, and you might get salmonela. The important thing is to realize that eating is a risk, just like walking down the street is a risk, and even sitting in your house and watching TV is a risk. As you probably have seen in the news today, terrible accidents can happen any time. But it's important not to stop enjoying life because something bad MIGHT happen. Your chances of getting sick from parasites in food are smaller than getting hurt in a car accident :)


Hi Helen--thanks for your visit and comment. I did not know about the law that stipulates that fish served raw must have been frozen, which does indeed kill parasites if done properly. Thank you for that information. And I agree with you that fish is no more likely to be a potential source of contamination than any other source. However I feel that eliminating raw fish or meat (such as steak tartar) is something I am quite willing to do, especially since seeing that it is cooked properly is something I can do easily, and still enjoy the meal. Someone else will make another choice and that is fine. Again, thanks for your input.


I am in Spain and run a gardening forum, I am searching for the answer to a question that has been raised.

A member has wild spinach growing in her garden and wants to know if any of it is poisonous or toxic, I wasn't aware that Spinach was poisonous but I couldn't be 100% and I was hoping you would know :)

I hope you can help me and I really appreciate any information you can give us

Thanks again and speak soon



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