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November 11, 2006


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Good choice. And BTW, the ridges don't accomplish a thing, steam drips back into the post with or without them.

Kevin, I am glad you agree, and to hear that the ridges in the lid aren't that big a deal.

I too found a nice enameled Descoware/Made in Belgium pot in a thrift store--more than 20 years ago! I still use it and was so impressed with its versatility that I went out and bought four Le Creuset pots (at the Vacaville factory outlet, on sale--January is a good month for sales there). I have not tried the Batali pots but can say that I have really used my Le Creuset ones. They will last forever--which makes me think of one drawback--they are really heavy and I wonder as people age and lose strength, will they be problematic to lift and move. Well, hopefully, when I am in my 80's, I'll still be cooking and able to lift them!

Hi Judith--
Thanks for the tip on the Vacaville factory outlet-- and their sales. I am sure I will make use of that information, as I live within an hour's drive of that location. It's true, the pots are heavy, especially when filled with food. I figure that if we keep lifting them, we will maintain our strength and bone density well into our golden years!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting.

That pot was an amazing find! I'm jealous.

That is a beautiful pot!

Le creuset is one of the best brand for this kind of oven. in my country, we call it a cocotte and it's a must have cooking accessory.

You can't beat those oven to prepare le Boeuf Bourguignon (beef + wine) or Flemish carbonnades (Beef + beer) and all stew, daubes, etc... A real wonder.

Just out of curiousity -- why not try to find more descoware in the size you need? I've beeen slowly collecting the maple leaf pattern and have found some really lovely pieces.

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