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March 20, 2007


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Forget the bread, love the slippers!

It is ridiculously easy, isn't it? It's a great way to start. Then you're hooked!

Good looking bread, and thanks for the mention.

Hi Andrea, thanks for talking about us, and on this post in particular. I just posted my pizza crust recipe and it's a very wet, cold-fermented dough. I'd love for you to take a look, especially since you like that sort of thing.


This sounds really great! I love ciabatta bread and this sounds fairly easy(I am not a great bread baker). Keep the faith! There are lots of food-related things to write about even when you are not cooking!

Tried this a couple of months ago It was sooo sucessful I bake it about every few days Thanks a million.

Do you have to use rye flour? I don't have it on hand.. and have not ever noticed it in the grocery store (of this small little town).

Hi Heather;
The rye flour is totally optional. It just adds a slightly more earthy flavor. You could use some wheat bran instead, or just skip it and use regular all purpose flour.

Good luck with your bread and thanks for the visit.

Sounds good.
Get an water pump spray bottle, and spray the oven walls ( each five minutes) and place 6-8 ice cubes on the oven floor. This will make steam in the oven and will give you a crispy crust like a cracker.

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