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March 18, 2007


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It was awesome to fginally meet you! It was so much fun.
(And you got Elise's marmalade? Lucky!!!)

It irritates me that I could have been the "grand old man" of Sacramento food blogging (having started SG in 2003 when I was still living there) but left before anyone else arrived on the scene. Typical Weeks' timing.{sigh}

Sounds like you folks had a good time and I wish I'd been there.

Hey Garrett--beleive me, I know I am lucky to have scored Elise's marmelade! Almost didn't mention it, but went ahead and risked engendering envy. :)
It was a delight to meet you too, after having been cyber friends for months.

Kevin--as far as I am concerned, you are still an Honorary Sacramento Blogger Emeritus. All Sacto-Davis bloggers who agree, raise your hands!

You're lucky to live around so many other food bloggers. Sounds fun. Elise is one of the few food bloggers I've met and I just adore her!

Hi Kalyn,
Yes, I count myself lucky (and blessed) to be able to connect with other bloggers who share my interests. It is good you advertise your location (Utah) on your blog. Maybe if you can interest a local newspaper in profiling your blog, others in your area will come out of the woodwork.
You're so right about Elise--she's a wonderful person and very generous with her considerable knowledge. Simply Recipes is a top notch blog.

We are lucky to have Garrett to organize us, too! It was wonderful to meet you Andrea.

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