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June 08, 2007


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Very interesting. I would love to see a product like this because I'm a pretty bad Diet Coke addict, and I'm sure it can't be that healthy.

If you like the idea please true Zevia. ww.zevia.com Nature's Answer to Diet Soda. All Natural, Sugar Free & Available Today. Better Yet - Request your locAL STORE TO Carry it!

There is a company called Sunwin USA (SUWN) that is the largest producer/grower of the stevia plant and in fact there 'sweetner' OnlySweet is now available in Kroger affiliated stores (Smith's here in Vegas). It is little sweetnlow type packets and comes in 100 count boxes. The stevia product of onlysweet is DIABETIC FRIENDLY according to there studies and does not negatively affect the glucose level of diabetics. The FDA should allow the reclassification of stevia to a sweetner -- many many people will benefit from the natural nature of this product. Take a look at the onlysweet.com website - it's quite encouraging.

I would be less than surprised to find, if Coca-Cola did release a product with Stevia, that said product would also contain some artificial sweetener such as Neotame or Splenda, thereby nullifying the whole point of using Stevia! I'd like my cynical skepticism to be proven wrong...

Well, it's about TIME...and as far as I'm concerned everyone eles in the junk-food and processed food/beverage industry better follow suite as I've given up eating and drinking that kind of garbage due to health issues of inflammatory bowel disease which wouldn't surprise me if it stemmed from the above mentioned garbage...I now eat only whole natural foods and drink water and the results on my disease confirm that if you eat junk you become junk.

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