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June 10, 2007


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I've tried both 'twist' and 'cola' flavors. These are great (the diet cola drinker that I am).
More importantly for us the cola has passed inspection by my diabetic Coca-cola addicted husband. It isn't perfect but it is close enough he can live with it. It is a bit costly for his taste but I think his health is worth it, so we'll work on that one.

Try and enjoy. Their web sight has a mixed case for the same price as a straight one so if you were planning to try it that might be the way to go.

Zevia's cola is the only diet soda that uses caffeine from coffee beans and further strengthens the natural product. The twist and orange are perfect for religious groups that avoid caffeine and individuals sensitive to sugar such as diabetics and those with ADD or ADHD. Zevia provides a tasty, healthy, and refreshing drink to all people interested in preserving and honoring the beauty of their health.

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