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December 12, 2007


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Yum, gorgonzola and beets! What else to do with gorgonzola, you say? How about pasta?

We haven't made it for a few years, but "The Savory Way" (Deborah Madison) has a recipe for Pasta and Gorgonzola. Basically, while you heat the pasta water, you put a bowl over the pot. The bowl should have gorgonzola, a bit of butter to mellow the gorgonzola, a sliced clove of garlic... it all melts from the heat of the heating water. After you set the bowl to the side and cook/drain the pasta, you add the pasta to the bowl with the melted cheese and eat. It is a calorie bomb, but it is soooo good!

Cindy, I have had goat (chevre) cheese melted that way and served over gnocchi and it was pretty good. I can imagine gorgonzola could be nice over pasta, if it wasn't too sharp. Maybe blended with some milk....?
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