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March 11, 2008


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Wonderful write up! Loved your pictures and the display of the plate!

Thanks Garrett! And thank you SO much for making this happen. You are just a fountain of great ideas. It was a delicious experience in every way.

I'm a (newly) huge fan of Ginger Elizabeth's. It's such a great addition to L. Street. Thanks for the educational review, love your blog!

Andrea, what a great writing piece!
I loved your dialog boxes on the chocolate plate picture. ;-)
It was a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed seeing you.

What a terrific write-up Andrea. Thank goodness someone was paying attention!

She amazes me. My kids and I are often in there when we want a "special treat" I'm stuck on the Palet d'or currently. The hazelnut praline is also amazing. Next visit I vow to try something new. She was making orange jasmine yesterday as well as a bushmills irish whiskey (which was delicious)

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