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April 30, 2008


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I always find it interesting and strangely heartening the amazement and awe that foreigners, especially Americans, have for Scotland. I'm glad that our ways and customs are celebrated in some way over there, even if they aren't so much here!

Also a rare thing to see so much tartan and sunshine in the same place; usually it's just grey and wet, as it is right now, looking out my window.

For reference, the pie you got doesn't sound like the scotch pies we have here; ours don't have potato and the meat is spicier, but lots of butchers do their own variations of them. Oh, and your son's food looks like a sausage roll to me, but without seeing them from the side I can't be sure.

Good choice on the Irn Bru; definately the best soft drink (or juice as it's often referred to in Scotland, possibly in attempt to give it some health-giving benefits, if only in name). It's such a natural looking colour, and a bit of an acquired taste, but wonderful.

If you're interested, there's a butcher round here that makes Irn Bru Sausages, but I've never managed to try one yet...

Glad you got your first "taste" of a Scottish Games. Please don't judge true Scottish food by what's on offer at the games here. I'm glad you got a chance to try Irn-Bru, my favorite Scottish brew, besides whisky of course. Try the other Scottish Games in your area, and see what you think!

May I make a recommendation?

On your visit to Scotland, if you happen to pass through Aberdeen, "The City of Roses" - because the streets are lined with the biggest, most gorgeous roses you'll ever see or "The Grey City," you must stop by Duthie Park. I lived in the flats right next to this amazing park and loved walking to it everyday.

The history of this park is amazing. You must research that first. My favorite aspect of Duthie Park is The Winter Gardens, which are the second largest greenhouse in the world - from what I've read. I was in love with the Cacti House - which housed some of the smallest, most intricately designed to the tallest cacti of the world.

I spent several of my days in the Cacti House, so please check my blog in a few days, I'll get around to adding some photos for you.

Five months is definitely too short of a time to spend there. And for future reference, when you return to the states, you'll be dreaming about Scotland for years to come... I still am, quite frequently, I might add.

I hope I'll be able to return again one day.

Oh and another tidbit - when you are in Aberdeen, the people speak so fast and their Aberdonian accent is so strong that it takes awhile to get use to their words and to understand them! But they are the most patient and wonderful people.


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