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April 23, 2008


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I am a tea lover. You're so right that there is a proper way to make tea so that it's good. I know some of it.

I discovered your web site while searching for a photo of rhubarb to pilfer for my own blog (at least until my own plant gets bigger). Saw your entry on the rhubarb (a tart, I think that's what it was.) Love the name and approach of your site. I cook mostly because it's necessary, healthier and because I grow vegetables and herbs. I'm "novice" and have no desire to be a Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart or any of the others; however, I do find Jacques Torres to be rather yummy himself. A man who molds chocolate, enjoys wine and speaks with a French accent. Incroyable!

Keep up the entertaining and informative blog!

Immediately, your teapot caught my eye.
I have the same musical (tea for two) teapot. It was my Grandmother's. When she downsized 2 years ago she passed the "Magic Teapot" to me. Throughout my early childhood a magical tea ritual was performed at her home. Only after hands were methodically waved over the pot and the magic words spoken, was the pot lifted to play it's tune and pour it's elixir. Thanks for remnding me of a wonderful memory with my Grandmother, and sharing a new brew as well!

My husband and I are Dark Shadows fans also, and have the entire series on DVD. We are also tea drinkers and I have been trying for some time now to determine what the pattern is of the china tea pot collection that is used on the show. Do you happen to know?

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