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May 07, 2008


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Happy Mothers Day!
I am also very impressed with the Ginger Root Beer. I am also excited that there is no caffeine in the formula. Don't feel too bad about not having the previous knowledge of Root Beer being shortened from Ginger Root Beer. I had no idea myself! I think the Root Beer is going to be a major hit. Who doesn't like Root Beer? I am thinking about making a Root Beer Float with it tonight. I am sure it will be simply amazing. For others out there that there I would highly recommend you try the Ginger Root Beer. http://zevia.com.

I thought root beer was made with sassafras?

root beer is not short for ginger root beer. ginger ale is the ginger flavored soft drink. root beer is flavored with sassafras. adding ginger to root beer sounds like a tasty idea, but they are not the same. Here is part of the entry from wikipedia
Root beer extract may contain a variety of flavors,coming from the wide range of ingredients. Bark from the roots of the sassafras tree was the typical flavor in root beer historically, and is the primary flavor most individuals associate with the beverage. It is slightly red at times. Sassafras bark was banned by the FDA in 1960 because of the carcinogenic properties of its constituent chemical safrole. A safrole-free variety is now used, with some claiming that it has a weaker flavor than the pre-1960 variety.[3] Acacia is also used.

While the information in the above article is true as far as Coca-Cola, Cargill, Stevia, and "Rebiana" is true, be aware that Coca-Cola will no doubt hide this under new names to obfuscate issues. Since Stevia can be grown in just about any American herb garden or windowsill pot, Coca-Cola would HAVE to do something to protect the massive amounts of money they have invested to find an alternative sugar-free sweetener. Don't hate them too much. You know the truth, after all.

Ginger Root Beer is not the classic dark brown to dark red frothy soft drink either traditionally or contempoary known as "Root Beer". As has been mentioned in some above comments, the traditional and contempoary "Root Beer" comes from Sassafras and the FDA has forbidden its use due to the already mentioned carcinogen.

Ginger Root Beer "MIGHT" be Ginger Ale. I won't debate the differences between Ales and Beers here. That would take too much space. I will simply say that Ales tend to be quite 'light' in color compared to their darker beer cousins. This also (generally speaking) is comparable to 'taste'.

I suppose it IS possible for a "Rookie With a Cookie" to make a mistake on the difference between an "Ale" version of a ginger flavored soft drink and a "beer" version. It should NOT be possible for someone with pretentions of a 'taste sense' to mistake an Ale or Beer version of ginger with an Ale or Beer version of Sassafras. It would be the rough equivalent of mistaking Peanut Butter with Refried Beans. That is maybe a bit harsher than intended. Forgive me for pointing out that information I confirmed is in more than hundreds of webpages scattered across the internet. It is also available in most local libraries. It is likely also available in many family recipe books. My Great Grandmother and both of my Grandmothers each had a separate recipes, yet it made clear the ingredients, and thus, the differences, of both.

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