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June 02, 2008


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It was nice meeting you and your family at the potluck. I'm glad your keeping your blog going I really enjoy it.


You guys are so lucky to have a good group of bloggers all living close to each other. There are a few others in Salt Lake and I think we're going to have a pot luck too.

Glad to hear you're keeping the blog. I read it in RSS so I don't leave too many comments, but I always enjoy reading it.

My food and recipe blog is a bit of hit and miss too...but I like to toss on recipes and hints every so often. My regular blog takes up a bit more time. I wish I could figure out how to do a list on the sidebar and where to put all the recipes instead of just on the blog...but... not enough desire to learn as much as I need I guess. Maybe some day...but not today.

I enjoy finding and reading lots of new food blogs....

Hi we met at the potluck. I really enjoyed the asparagus. I was Everything On a Waffle and had to change the name of the blog. I'm glad you're keeping it up. The potluck was inspiring and what a really nice bunch of people.

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