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September 17, 2008


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I have had you in my Bloglines Reader since June of 2007 when you did a post on muffaletta sandwiches. I haven't made it yet but I still have it saved. I think it takes amazing determination to maintain a blog. I've made a few half hearted attempts and failed. I will continue to read when you post and I'm interested in all sorts of things though most of my regular blog feeds are food blogs. I have saved several of your recipes because they are pretty down to earth and down require a lot of odd ingredients or ingredients I would never consider using together. It would be interesting to hear about other things that interest you. What you do for work, why you love it, etc.

Just my 2 cents :)


Hi Andrea,
I'm a regular reader of your blog, I have you on my RSS feed. It took me a little while to discover RSS feeds, I'm not totally computer illiterate but it takes me some time sometimes to figure things out. I don't remember how I found you, probably on a comment list or blogroll somewhere.

I'm interested in people. Whether you blog about food or family or whatever really doesn't matter to me. I like to know that there are regular folks out there, like myself, that may not always have something to say but when we do, we can take that opportunity to blog about it, knowing that someone else might be interested. For instance, your post about your family outing at the Scotish Festival was interesting to me, as well as the post about those cute cherry dishes you found.

Andrea, I read you every time you write, using a feed reader.
Don't stop writing, about anything. Keep going! :-)

I really love the mix, even though it started out as food, I have been back numerous times. Thanks.

Andrea, I am a regular reader of the blog. I have it bookmarked on my work computer, actually.
I think you should post whatever you feel like posting. I originally bookmarked you for the recipes because my husband is a vegetarian and I didn't used to be, so I could relate to the struggles you faced. Don't sell yourself short regarding your recipes. You have some good ones!
But at the same time, I like reading about events in the area, books, etc. It's your blog. Do what you want to do. I'll still read it.

hi, i just found you on my comments page, your in my swap?! and reading some of your blog..yes i'm a foodie nut too and never chat much about it as don't have the fab pictures to back it up! but always love reading about food,so do keep writing about when the mood strikes you!..

Hey Trish, Laurie, Fer, Ty, Megan and Debra!

Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment. The feedback means a lot to me, and it is gratifying to know you enjoy what you read here. I will do my best to keep it interesting or entertaining as long as I keep blogging.

Good luck in the "comment raffle" and thanks for your time!

Hello Andrea;
I'm a newbie to your blog, but already, it's a staple. Not being a cyber-sophisticate, I pull it up the old fashioned way. I love your style of cooking; it's clean, inspiring, and heartwarming. Great Recipes! So what if they aren't edgy...everybody loves to visit an old friend. I love the variety of content. It draws me in, creating a peaceful spot to rest and catch up. Just like being in the kitchen of a good friend. So much happens in the kitchen, of which, food is often the least. Your blog is a well-rounded reflection of a thoughtful and thought-provoking life well-lived. Which ever path you follow, I will look forward to reading about it!

Debra! I'm thrilled you stopped by the blog! Glad you like it.


I just found you from your comment in Simply Recipes. I hope you stick around and continue to post recipes, musings, or whatever else warms your heart.

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