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October 12, 2008


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It looks like such a wonderful place!

Wow! What a wonderful place! There are no places like that out here in south Arkansas, we basically have the run of the mill: Wal-Mart, Krogers, Brookshire's. The only shop that calls themselves a bakery just sells donuts and cakes, no beautiful breads.

I've always wanted to stop in that place. Thanks for the profile!

Thanks for the virtual visit! We've passed by Naroe's many times, but we're always on the way to somewhere and have never stopped. How exciting to learn they make Afghani flatbread! That's good stuff! We'll be sure to make it the destination soon.

Hi! I read your comment about the Oktoberfest activities posted by Sacratomato including the celebration at Turn Verein. You need not wait until next year to party German style. On Dec. 6 and 7 they will be holding their annual Christkindlmarkt (posted on their website). It's a good time with good food, gluhwine (mulled wine), music, and shopping. I highly recommend it.

thanks for the neat tour would love to do some shopping here and the breads look so good..enjoyed reading your blog and hop you received your Halloween swap by now if not email me..

the poppy seed bread is the best from Naroe's. Plus, where elsee in Sac can you get fresh feta??

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