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April 15, 2009


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Never had them, but always wanted to try some. So how did you like them?

I thought the caper berries were interesting for a change, but on the whole I prefer olives. I am not wild about the kind of grainy, pulpy texture. I also prefer the small pea sized or smaller caperberries. ("nonpareil" I think they are called.)

Thanks for your interest.

I saw caper berries at WF too! Will have to pick some up soon. The first time I had them was at Paul Martin's Bistro in Roseville. They serve them with their salumi plate. Love them.

I think they are best along with other nibbles, esp. good bread!

Been meaning to get out to Paul Martins Bistro...

Thanks for the visit. :)

i have seen them used as garnish for lamb. this is exactly why i bought them. I will also try with olive oil, lemon & anchovie

I crave caperberries! I use insteadd of olives in Martini's. 'dirty' it up a bit by pouring a little of the brine into the vodka!

I just bought 3 jars of caper berries at HEB in austin for a quarter each! was wondering what to do with them.

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